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relationships part III: defining Godly girls

Hey there! I’m going to have to forego coffee today for some iced tea. Preferably sweet. It is HOT as blazes here! I am so looking forward to fall, my favorite season! Continuing our conversation about relationships, last week we talked about characteristics of a Godly guy. It is also important to evaluate who WE are as girls and women. Are we worthy of our calling by God first, then are we worthy of a Godly man? The following include some questions to ask ourselves as we venture into the dating scene. Even for those of us who are married, we can still grow in these areas as well.

relationship with God. Am I growing in my relationship with God? Godly girls put God above all else. They actively want to grow with God and consciously spend time where they can learn and mature. “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength” is essential (Mark 12:30). Loving God first is how we live (and date and marry) well! Every decision worth making is worth talking over with God first.

modesty. In all aspects of the word. Do I allow other people to praise my efforts or do I feel the need to boast myself? Godly girls want to protect their brothers in Christ, who are others’ future husbands, by guarding their minds and hearts. They act and dress with modesty. Their motivation is to protect not to show off or impress. They don’t need to show off – their beauty is found in who God made them to be!

friends. “You are who your friends are,” it is true. Girls spend time with others who encourage their spiritual life and share similar values. They also love those who do not know God and spend time loving them in order to show Christ’s love.

hobbies and stuff. Am I an interesting person? No person can maintain a healthy life if their life is dependent on another person. Hobbies and extracurriculars are fun AND provide topics of conversation in relationships. Basically, using God-given gifts and talents keeps one interesting! Dating someone with different interests to share enables both to laugh and grow while participating in activities they have never tried or wouldn’t normally enjoy.

social interaction. Do I truly love others the way Jesus does? A Godly girl sees people nobody else sees. These girls treat everyone with kindness and respect from the principal to the school facilities workers. They are polite to restaurant servers and those around in the community. They include everyone in group conversations. People see the warmth of these girls and want to to be around her because her love is a reflection of God’s.

These are simply a few thoughts on who we are called to be as ladies loved by God. Guys worth dating will be drawn to these kinds of girls because they are looking for girls who reflect their values defined in God’s Word. Relationships are tough but equality in character makes them easier.

I hope this makes sense, as there are screaming girls in the next room and the usual noises happening! Usually I have a kitty friend nearby as I write. I think they enjoy the clicking of the computer keys. I enjoy their purring as I write. Anyway, as always, have a great week, everyone! Talk to you soon.



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