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Hello there! What’s happening? Our youngest is acting as the only child for ten days while the older two are out of town with Gigi and Pop Pop! I miss them terribly, but we are able to travel light and I was able to walk around the mall since I only had one child with me, strapped in the stroller! Woohoo! I have had a little extra time to complete some goals I had listed on our dry erase family board. You know, those tasks that aren’t necessary but would be nice to finish. I might even have time to proofread this blog!

To some extent, almost everyone has a little voyeur in them and are interested to look into others’ lives - to see what their lives are like, how they live. Observe how many reality shows exist and youtube videos are out there. I enjoy people. People is what I do as a counselor! Anyway, the summer is winding down and another fall is approaching. The closing of summer and change of seasons is always a sign of growth and getting older! It reminds me that, even though my girls are still young, each day that passes is one less day I have with them – to teach them, guide them, laugh with them, and love them. I thought I would share with you what we do this summer to spend time together and make the most of these precious days (Ephesians 5:16).

On gym days, before we head out, we eat breakfast around the table together. Cheerios or scrambled eggs are usually on the menu. We do the calendar for the day. We also do our Bible story for the week. We use the leaflet sent home from Sunday School (or “Sunday class” as they refer to it) and go over the story each day to memorize the Bible verse and reiterate the Bible truth. I have them make their beds as best they can – they feel so good about themselves when they accomplish tasks like these!

We enjoy time at the gym where they love their teachers and playing with the other kids. We also take time periodically to make cards and take the teachers small happies. Usually something Chick-Fil-A related of course!

For everyone’s sake after lunch, we have “rest” time, so each of us goes to a separate room for quiet time. I never know what I will find after “rest time” with Ella Kate. Sometimes she has clothes scattered about on the floor, she has climbed on top of the diaper pail, and sometimes she’s completely undressed! Sometimes there is poop involved. Just being real here, y’all. Seriously gross. I have seen things I never thought I would see!

In the afternoons, before the “witching hour” when people start unraveling, we might fold clothes, bake a sweet treat, or play outside. Some days we visit the splash pad or the water park because it sure gets HOT down here! On rainy days, we watch movies and have a popcorn treat on the blankets like a picnic in the family room. Now, when it rains, they like to remind me that we get to watch tv or a “moomie.” I have learned to ignore the animal crackers or cheerios that stick to my feet when we eat in the living room. I might cringe a little but I am learning to chill and enjoy the moment.

When five o’clock – ish rolls around, people are getting crabby and I am ready for some relief! We do the bath and pajama thing and get ready for supper. I am usually hoping my hubs will pull in the driveway sooner rather than later.

How are you spending time with your family this summer? Each family is unique so how time is spent is different as well. I have pictures of us to include this week to give you a little peek into our life! I hope you have a great week making the most of your time! Talk to you soon!



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