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Babies and pets

Hey sweet friends! It has been a good week for me, I must say. I have seen many loving acts from people and had opportunities to love people for Jesus. Today, I think I am just going to tell stories about the week. I always like to hear peoples’ stories and it helps me remember better. Grab a cup of iced tea and join me! By the way, white tea is my favorite right now – so refreshing.

Everybody is a minister of Jesus Christ, whether it is vocationally or not. Entire families are super important in ministry! Reaching out to people goes beyond the walls of church and reaches into the community. Has anyone tried the Wal-Mart grocery ordering online? Yes, it is fantastic! When I do groceries alone and all I have to do is grab my three shoe-less toddlers, probably dressed in princess-wear, pull into a parking spot, while kind people bring the grocery bags to us, it is a dream! I do not always get the order in, so we have to actually go. This week, we braved Wal-Mart on Friday. It’s a trip! We have the one year old in the stroller, the two year old on a blanket in the cart, and the three year old enjoys the actual cart seat. It can be done. We usually end up checking out about the time nobody can stand themselves anymore and they begin to fall apart. This time, one may have wet the floor in the check-out line, so we had to rush to the restroom…I take responsibility as I should have asked her if she needed to go. I was preoccupied with the produce section…

Anyway, walking through this time, we passed an older couple who made comments that the girls were cute. They actually stopped to talk, so we stopped as well. The lady said she is having cancer surgery on Tuesday, so seeing the girls made her day. I was a bit shocked that something so simple gave her joy! As ministers of the Gospel, we, as a family, asked her about her surgery. Her cancer has spread, so she will be having surgery on Tuesday, hoping for a better prognosis. We prayed with her and her husband there in the aisle. Funny also, my husband’s hospital visit day is Tuesday, so he will be checking on her this week! The girls also were able to pray and experience loving people the way Jesus does. It also puts into perspective what I get frustrated about. My worries seem petty in comparison to this lady’s worries about her life and surviving a disease! She wants to celebrate life with her husband and grandchildren! I know that God takes all of our worries seriously because He loves us. This perspective helps me remember to be thankful for the blessings we do have at the same time.

We were blessed by a Chick-fil-A employee this week. My youngest sister works at a local restaurant, so of course, we need to support her – a lot! We have become friends with the other employees there and love to check in on their lives and laugh with them. Sometimes, they join our table on their breaks! One guy asked if we needed anything, Linley holds up her chocolate milk and we explained chocolate milk does not get refilled. He said he would go get her one, so we watch him walk behind the counter and pull out his own money to ring up her chocolate milk! He is a poor college student who does not need to pay for that! I was totally moved by that kindness! We tried to pay him back, but he would not take it. What a blessing he chose to be to us.

Ministry is not reserved for adults. It is vital for families to minister together for many reasons. Simply put, children (of any age) are ice breakers for enabling conversations! People love babies and pets. Unless they are extremely crabby… For the most part, babies and pets being smiles to even the toughest of souls. In addition, the children get to participate in sharing the love of Jesus and praying for people, so when they are old enough to choose, they are more likely to choose this way of life.

I go to our local Starbucks fairly frequently, so over four years, I have come to know the baristas. In the drive through this week, I saw a girl I know who mentioned her son was picked up sick from school. There was nobody behind me in line, so I was able to chat with her for a minute and let her know I will be praying for him and will check on him next time I see her.

Opportunities are everywhere and I am so thankful that this week we were given the gift to share love with people around our city. I believe we have to be mindful to take our eyes off of ourselves to be able to see people the way Jesus does and allow our hearts to be broken for what breaks His heart. The enemy would love for us to become self-consumed, which is incredibly easy! When we are egocentric, we are unable to open our eyes and be sensitive to God’s leadership. How do you share Jesus with people in your city? Each of us has opportunities especially for us. For students, it is friends, teachers, teammates, for those who work, those employees, students, customers. For you stay-at-home mommies who work at home out there, it is your children and neighbors, and other people you meet with. We all visit stores and restaurants. We all have a unique realm of influence just for us.

Let us become broken for what breaks God’s heart and see people the way He does. Please pray for the woman who is having cancer surgery on Tuesday. I am sure she would appreciate it! Talk to y’all soon!



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