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How was your week, my friend? For some reason, I felt behind all week and just could not get going! We are in the car, I am flying like the wind on the way to the gym, counting the girls in the back seat to make sure we all made it in the car, checking the mirror to get the blueberry remnants out of my teeth, trying to make it to zumba class on time. Pretty sure at least one of them had their shoes on backward too. Oh well, we will get it right next time! Pulled in the lot, jump out, grab the bags, brush the hair in place, straighten the hair bows, and in we go. Whew! The girls like to pick flowers on the way to the car when we leave, so it was nice to take a minute, like they do, when time does not matter, and smell the clover “flowers” they picked to take home. Those are the moments that matter. We also take time each morning to read our Sunday School leaflet from their classes to reinforce the lesson they learn each Sunday.

We memorize the Bible verse each week. We use Bible Studies for Life and we really enjoy it. Even Jenna, my one year old can clap to “God always helps me.” Staying in the Word of God is super important for us all, beginning at birth. From a psychological point of view, repeating simple Bible verses and reading Bible stories really affects the way children view God as they grow and mature. A baby may not understand at the time, but they will understand more as they grow and it will click for them later. It is vital to fill little minds with Godly wisdom and truth because these messages stay with them.

It has been made clear to me recently, and as I have had discussions with others on the matter, that it is essential to constantly be in God’s Word. The verse that has really made a difference to me is Psalm 119:97-104. One part of this passage reads, “How sweet Your Word is to my taste – sweeter than honey to my mouth. I gain understanding from Your precepts; therefore I hate every false way.”

When we stay in the Bible, we are reminded of His Truth and will stay aware of false teachers, false teachings, and evil. Yes, this sounds serious, and, actually, it is. As teenagers or adults, we should be learning God’s Truth so we are able to know how to live. God’s Word keeps us safe. We can learn to be different at school and hate what God hates and be broken for what breaks His heart. We can do this in a loving way, not with a haughty attitude. We can love others while showing them a better way and not giving in to what the world says is acceptable, whether it is language, behavior, or something else. For adults, we can hate what is false and live differently to our families and people we work with.

In my experience, my friends who do not know Jesus have more respect for Christians when they live differently than they do, than when they speak about being a Christian and live the same way my unbelieving friends do. We have family members who question why they need to go to church because they are nicer than the people they know in church… These conversations are tough!

If we are not in the Word, the enemy takes that opportunity to take good (or truth) and twist it just right so we are blinded and led astray. We can also be desensitized to immorality in culture if we are not staying close to our Father. We may miss out on making a difference because we look the same as everyone else. There is a difference between living a moral life and living for Jesus Christ. Lots of people go to church and do lots of good “churchy” things but may not even have a relationship with Jesus. There are some super sweet people I know who do not know Jesus but are incredibly kind-hearted. We need to be wise about the difference between living morally and living for Jesus.

This week, make time to read God’s Word. Take a few minutes and read the Truth. I have to read first thing in the morning, which becomes a challenge with three toddlers ages three and under waking up. Thankfully, our loving Father has patience with us! Even if just for a minute, I open my Bible and pray for the day. I always encourage teenagers to take whatever time of day works best and set a time for five minutes to begin with. Usually for teenagers, it is night time. When five minutes is up, they put their Bible away. Over time, usually the five minutes becomes too short and they want to spend longer reading. It takes consistency to create the habit, and when it happens, it is time that people are unwilling to live without. Enjoy your week! Let me know how YOU stay in the Word.



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