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All Matter

Genesis one states that God created the world and called it good. Then He created humans. This month is Sanctity of Human Life month or also called Dignity of Human Life month. We celebrate the unique gift of life from God as we are made in His image. It goes beyond saving babies from abortions, which is valuable, as these precious ones deserve life too, but reaches to giving each human life the respect he or she deserves.

So God created man in His own image. In the image of God, He created them, male and female, He created them. Genesis 1:27

Linley, our three year old loves to spin around in her dresses and look “perfect and bootiful.” When she cleans her room, she excitedly expresses it looks “perfect and bootiful.” What defines perfect and bootiful? I say God does. It may look different than what culture believes is perfect and beautiful.

Every person we meet has a story. Every person is someone’s baby boy or baby girl. Every person is someone’s mommy or daddy. Every person is someone’s brother or sister. Each person is created by God in His image and deserves respect. Each human being with breath has a purpose, including you. As long as there is still breath, there is still purpose for life.

Our value is not determined by race, culture, ethnicity, mental capacity, physical ability, or social position. We simply are valuable because we are created by the Almighty Creator. Believing this means that we protect the vulnerable, stand up for the innocent, welcome strangers, provide for needs, and show God’s love to people He loves. May we be broken for what breaks God’s heart. May we develop compassion for those who do not meet the world’s criteria for beauty or position.

Several weeks ago, a major conference happened involving 55,000 people gathering for a weekend of worship. At a break in the evening, everyone had a chance to get some supper before making their way back to the arena. A woman with three young children huddled in their strollers in the forty-degree chill held up a cardboard sign reading, “I have three kids. I lost my job. We lost our house. Please help.” Christians who had just lifted their hands in praise to God, carried their Starbucks cups on the way back into the next worship set and some did not even notice her or her babies. Some saw and kept walking. My heart breaks for her and her children. She has a story too. No momma wants to feel she is failing her kids or having to sleep on a cold city street and ask for necessities. My husband gave her some cash that he had and hoped it would get them some food or way to stay warm. Some students in attendance questioned giving the lady cash, as she could potentially buy items that may not help her kids, but we are called to be faithful. She had a need. The need was helped, so it is up to her how she handles that. After all, nothing you do for the Lord is ever in vain (1 Corinthians 15:58).

I pray that we, as Christians, live out how God wants us to and have compassion for people. We all have a purpose as long as we have life. We can all be used by God no matter what we look or sound like. I have heard even pastors comment that certain people should not teach Sunday School because people would not be attracted to their class. People have value regardless of age or appearance. Your own life is sacred. Let us look at people the way God sees them. Each with a unique story and purpose. Let us look beyond the world’s definition of “perfect and bootiful” and see the reflection of God. God bless you, friends! Have a wonderful week! I pray you feel encouraged as you remember you have value and worth!



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