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#extraordinaryordinary Happy New Year, my friends! Now is the time we take down the beautiful decorations and twinkling lights. I am super sad each year to have to take down the decorations that represent excitement and anticipation. I have to just take a deep breath and tear down everything like ripping off a band aid. I always replace it with hearts and snowflakes to keep some cheeriness around, though! We took down our tree this past week and vacuumed up all those pesky dry needles. We will be finding those needles around the house until next year, I am pretty sure! The girls and I put some roses in a sparkly pink basket on the front porch and heart wreaths on the front porch windows.

It is common this time of year for people to slip into a bit of sadness. Many people feel the blues after the excitement of Christmas and New Year are over. We have been with many people from our church who have experienced loss this Christmas season. We have sat as a family with dear church friends in hospital waiting rooms praying for family members.

I love home. I love being at home. Recently, as I complained about the never-ending pile of laundry while sitting on the floor in the living room, our Noelle kitty calmly climbed into the laundry basket and laid down on top of the clean clothes. I laughed out loud and took a picture with my phone. I realized that in that moment, God is good and He takes care of us. We may stay at home for holidays. We may see family only through facetime. Our idea of a big night out is all five of us going dressed in pajamas to a “big moomie” (movie theatre for those who need a translation for the lingo of a three year old). We may not do extravagant adventurous trips. The beauty is found in the ordinary. Enjoying each day as a precious gift. Finding joy in preparing lunch, feeding pets, scrolling through pinterest in a down moment, reading books, grocery shopping, working, and whatever else fills the time.

We only get one chance to embrace the life gift the Lord has given us. If we wait to enjoy it when circumstances change, we will end up waiting too long, and realize we missed it! We can wait until a better job comes around, a class at school is over, we win an award, we reach a certain salary, we become part of a certain social group of friends, kids get older…we could go on, right? My challenge to myself and to you, no matter how old you are, dear one, to truly rejoice and enjoy each day He has given us. I want to start my year with appreciation for what He has. Challenges are in my life today, no doubt. I have frustrations and struggles like any other girl out there. Let’s remember to delight in the extraordinary ordinary events. The carpool to school, the mounds of laundry, attending classes, the stay-at-home Friday nights, the school basketball games, extracurricular practices, and the opportunities to bless someone else.

Like a good counselor, LOL, I have to make it practical, so here it goes. Each day I like to do something to make it fun. Small, yes, but fun. Maybe make myself a cup of coffee with my favorite flavoring during afternoon nap time (if everyone sleeps at the same time). Paint my nails. Color in a coloring book. Whatever is a small special treat. We get out of the day what we put into it, like everything else in life.

Each morning, the girls and I read their Sunday School take-home leaflet and memorize the Bible verse for the week. Since they are ages three, two, and one, obviously the lessons are simple, but I receive a tremendous amount of thought from them. This past week, the verse was, “Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good” (1 Chronicles 16:34). Through helping them memorize the verse each day, it resonated in my head as well. God is good. Despite trials, frustrations, and the stuff that happens in life, He takes care of us and He is good. I have begun to post pictures of fun random things we do in a day and labeling them with the hashtag #extraordinaryordinary. In fact, we are celebrating our cat’s birthday today. I am praying for your year. I pray that God shows you His power and might in your life. I look forward to seeing how He works. I am excited to see what God does in my life and what changes He makes in my life as well. Let’s love our extraordinary ordinary!



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