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Fighting for You

I love rocking Jenna to sleep at night, when she lets me, that is. She is almost one year old and usually squirms too much and just wants to be laid in bed. Rock with me and let me love you! When we rock before bed or nap, we like to sing songs. I believe Christmas songs make the best lullabies, no matter what time of year. This night, I had tenth Avenue North playing on my phone and I heard the new song “Fighting For You.” I listened to the words and loved them. I believe so many of us need to hear that He is fighting for us.

In Exodus 14, Moses is leading the Israelites out of Egyptian slavery. When they finally get to exit Egypt after years of slavery, Pharaoh changes his mind about letting them go, and is quickly chasing them down. The Israelites are freaking out and blaming Moses for their predicament. They are super dramatic and claim they would rather be slaves in Egypt than dead in the wilderness. I laugh at the Israelites and their craziness throughout the Old Testament, but I realize I would not act any differently had I been in their situation. I wonder why they would be so afraid after they had witnessed God do so many miracles, but I question God even though I have seen Him work in my life too.

Moses responded to the frightened Israelites, “Don’t be afraid. Just stand still and watch the Lord rescue you today. The Egyptians you see today will never be seen again. The Lord himself will fight for you. Just stay calm” (Exodus 14:13-14). In the next verse, God asks Moses, “Why are you crying out to Me? Tell the people to get moving” (Exodus 14:15)! He is about to show His glory so all of Egypt will know He is the Lord!

I have a sweet friend who has paused her life and chosen treatment for some trauma she has experienced in her life. Despite the tough stuff she has experienced in life, she is a strong girl and inspires me in her love for the Lord. She texted me this Exodus 14 passage as she had picked it as a theme for her treatment. I had just been thinking about this passage so it was a God-thing she had been reading it the same week. She pointed out that while the Lord is fighting for us, we are still fighting in our daily lives while we can rest in Him as He fights the overall battle for us. We can rest in our fight as He fights for us. He is a big God and can handle it.

This message is for you.

For those fighting for their lives.

For those who leave tears on their pillow night after night.

For those who are desperately lonely.

For those battling anxiety and depression.

For those who struggle with addiction.

For those working tirelessly as a single parent.

For those who worry about finding a job.

For those who worry about telling their families they lost their jobs.

For those who sit alone on the school bus.

For those who have been hurt time after time…after time.

For those whose friends have disappeared.

For those who have been told they are worthless.

For those who suffer loss.

For those who have been abandoned by those meant to love them.

For those who fall over and over…and over again.

For those who feel left out.

For those who feel they just can’t get ahead.

For those who feel lost.

For those who have no idea how they ended up where they are.

For those who feel invisible.

For those who feel life has treated them unfairly.

For those who feel like outcasts.

For those who have been abused by the people meant to protect them.

For those who are literally hungry.

For those who wonder why they have life.

For those who are angry.

For those who are numb.

For those who make sure they get themselves to school on time

because mom doesn’t.

For those who have watched a parent overdose.

For those who go home to fighting parents each night.

For those who feel like failures. Our Savior’s body was broken for YOU. He loves YOU that much. He knows YOU by name. YOU can hold your head up high. YOU can walk with confidence. YOUR future is bright. Peace is found here. In Jesus. YOU can close your eyes to the chaos and rest. No matter what it feels like right now. As long as You are on this earth, there is a purpose for YOU.



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