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dusty trophies

Join me with a decaf coffee with caramel flavoring? Yum! My family took the two-day journey from up north to come visit us in the blessed south! They loved it since that's where we're from and they miss it tremendously. Fresh seafood, grilling, and walking by the water was FUN! The time always passes too quickly and they went home. Hopefully I'll see them this summer.

How are YOU? I've been talking to a girl in college and yesterday, she realized she was being considered being cut from a dance for a big showcase she is in. This girl will graduate from college in May and is minoring in dance. Pretty devastating feeling considering dance is what she loves but when she "can't keep up," what do you do?

Ever feel you can't cut it? Never good enough? I'm right there. I tend to think, no matter what good happens, there is always higher to go or better to do. I'm not sure why I set these expectations for myself. The desire to succeed is overwhelming. And for whose standards? My own!

I think a lot while I'm driving because usually that's the only time I have alone with my thoughts due to three little ladies at home. I've realized it is difficult, but we need to remember that no matter what we chase on earth, nothing lasts but who we are and what we do for the Lord. We are human and live on earth so it's quite difficult to think differently and put value on the eternal instead of the earthly stuff.

This salary, this position, this look, these friends, this house, those clothes, that boyfriend, those kids...sure they're great. Goals are good, too. As a counselor, I encourage people to set goals all the time! Giving your kids the opportunities to play sports or excel in activities they love is great. Having nice stuff is not a problem either. We have to ask ourselves the question, though, what is the end game here? Where is priority? Who or what is our first love?

Let me get personal here. I want my girls to have all the opportunities to have fun and pursue activities they love...until it encroaches on God's territory. Let me get more personal. We do church. He is our ultimate priority. We will not practice on Wednesday nights. We do church. I am responsible for teaching my girls how to be a Godly woman and how to love Him first. How can I do that when activities or friends take priority and we fill in our lives with God when we have time? Skipping time with God at church for studying or practice does not teach kids to love Him more than anything. He must be everything. The great part about this is that we can never outgive God. My Dad always said this when I lived at home and I love to remember this. If we miss out on anything earthly because we took a stand and made Him our entire life, we can rest easy knowing it is worth it.

Like I already said, though, it's difficult to trust God enough to actually live like this. Sure, your little guy might be football captain or your little lady may be homecoming queen, but at what sacrifice? Do they love God more than anything? Do they live and breathe God? Are their minds so trained that they share Christ with everyone they meet? This is what counts in life. I would rather my girls be women of character and love God than be world-class athletes or A-list actresses if I was forced to choose. Do we trust Him enough to put Him first in real life? If we believe His Word, Matthew 6:19-20 says, "Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal,but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal."

At the end of life, being an Ivy League scholar does not matter. My parents modeled that Christ is most important. In preparation for college cheerleading tryouts, I had an opportunity to train with the University of Kentucky cheerleaders (the winningest cheerleading team nationally) during open gym on Sunday nights. My parents let me go - after church was over. I went to choir and the worship service first. I missed the first few hours but that time was for the God. Despite that, I cheered for four years in college. I have national championship trophies I am super proud of. But, really, does anyone care that I was third in college co-ed partner stunt cheerleading competition over a decade ago? Nope! My trophies and medals mean a lot to me, but they're collecting dust! When it comes down to it, all that matters is who we are for Christ. Do we trust Him enough to live like it? Just thoughts for today! Enjoy your coffee. I'm going to finish mine!



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