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packing it up

Hello! Toys, boxes, dishes, clothes, boxes, packing paper...everywhere! Yep, that's our house right now. I have not been as consistent as I usually am and prefer to be! In fact, I had to uncover my keyboard from papers, boxes, tape, and scissors just to write today :) We are in the process of packing and hoping our new house will be completed quickly!

So, waiting and stressing are the two most prevalent words in my vocabulary lately. Two kids under three, third trimester, house with a multitude of problems, waiting for a house to be completed, saving money in every way possible, and praying daily for each financial detail to work out smoothly are all parts of life these days. Did I mention I am tired? Seriously, if someone does not need food, diaper change, or a face wipe, then a cat is meowing because the water bowl is empty and needs to be filled. One of our three cats is exceptionally persistent and loud. Ah, life! You know, I am sure I will miss it later, but if a child's face does not appear at the bathroom door, a cat's does. Where can a girl go to get some privacy for just a minute or two? LOL I digress, anyway, it will be amazing to be in a new clean house! I just want to wear sweats and sink cushy winter socks into new squishy carpet, not caring what my hair looks like, because we are HOME and we can relax...Aaaaahhhhhh...

We have been working on the house process for almost a year now. We are so close, but after all the waiting, it still feels like it is not even possible. At least when there is progress on the house, it feels like we can "keep the dream alive." Do you ever watch others and think to yourself that it seems easier for other people? Sometimes I do, too! We fully expect to pay for everything we buy ourselves, work hard for it, and plan everything we have and do on our own. I am an adult, so my parents have done their job and I am on my own, so I have earned the adult responsibility. I will be real here, I see other parents give houses or provide other "stuff" and it reminds me of high school when some friends had brand new cars handed to them, while some of us worked to pay for ours :) I truly do not want anything handed to me, I would just like the means to pay for and do what we strive for, by working hard and earning it. It's not always that easy. Sometimes we work hard and still cannot do what others do! Hello, adulthood! I'm not sure we ever completely outgrow the child-like mindset where we look at others and think, "They get to do..." or maybe "They get to have..." Ever wonder where your "fair share" is? Or how some things seem easier for others? Totally! :) One verse I loooooooove and just read again recently is Job 42:2!

I know that You can do anything and no plan of Yours can be thwarted.

So if you need a little encouragement, read through Job again and remember his strife! He went through some terribly trying events, yet stayed faithful to God, though he had complaints and questions for Him. He was a real guy with real emotions. I love in Job 38 probably titled in your Bible, "The Lord Speaks." God asks Job in verse four, "Where were you when I established the earth?" God basically reminds Job of His awesome power, which I love because I am comforted when I remember that we serve an all-powerful God. He is not weak. He is always big, always powerful, always worthy of respect, and always worthy of worship! I mean, really, who wants to worship a pansy god?

In Job 42, Job replies to God. Job acknowledges God's sovereignty of over his situation and over all of life. I am again comforted by the fact we cannot, nor can anyone else, mess up God's plan. It is part of what makes God God and not me and not anything or anyone else God. Because He is above all things. He is great. He is in charge. He is God. I am glad. Before chapter 42, God explained His power, so Job expresses God's power here. Sometimes I need to read God's speeches about His power here in Job as an excellent reminder of how great He is and how His plans cannot be thrown off.

I am antsy about LOTS of things in life. Waiting has never been my strength. Getting older has not changed that. I pray all events will line up as I am praying for them to. I would love for the house to be completed on time, to spend Christmas in a new house, and bring a baby home to our OWN house. I will be honest, I am sure I will still stress out about it, even if not consciously. Hey y'all, I am just as human as anyone else. I will have to keep praying, keep living, and keep remembering His power. God bless you guys!!!



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