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keurig, kitties, and quiet

Mug of Keurig coffee, both girls in bed for naps, kitties curled up on the couch, quiet in the room. I turn on internet radio with some Christian music and here I go, feeling extra spiritual, ready to study my Bible and blog. Wait. Was that a door? Surely not. I go back to writing. I hear a creak, then a "Mommy..." Not to be discouraged, I put that one back in bed and sit down to blog, ready to take it on again. Wait. From the other room, I hear a small cry. She has not been asleep long, so I wait, hoping for a false alarm and she will put herself back to rest. Then I remember she has a stuffed up nose and can't breathe well, so she continues to cry. The sound grows. Suddenly, my feelings of calm and are gone and I sit with a frown, coming to terms with the fact that my mommy alone time with my coffee and cats and calm has quickly come to an end before it ever began. I am sad...

Often when I sit down to blog, this is what happens! Welcome to my house! There are many more stories where that came from. For you regular readers, you know my designated blogging day is Wednesday, so each week I just hold my breath, hoping the girls will cooperate with nap time. That includes sleeping at the same time, and, well, sleeping. Many times, I just hope to get one solid hour with y'all, and when I do, I am incredibly grateful! Like I have said before, our families live far away, so it's a strategy to be able to accomplish some tasks I would like to get to some days. But, hey, that's my life! I am blessed.

I am so glad He loves us through all of our imperfections. I wonder if God laughs when He sees chaos such as when one of my girls has managed to wipe poop over the front of her outfit, the other is playing in the, what I thought was clean, litter box, while somehow our German shepherd gets in the back door and runs through the house. I am repeating the dog's name, attempting to shoo her back outside, all the while trying to keep the poop to a minimum, and rescue the other sugarplum from the litter box. True story. He must smile.

Today, I'm feeling kinda light-hearted and really want to add humor to your day! What are some crazy scenarios from your house? When we can be real with each other, we first realize we are not alone, then also build a sense of community as well. We sure need that! We were not meant to live this life alone.

One of my favorite veres is Exodus 19:5, "Now therefore, if you will indeed obey my voice and keep my covenant, you shall be my treasured possession among all peoples, for all the earth is mine..." God wanted Israel to be known by His works as well as by what they would do. How special we are to our Father! He treasure us out of all creation! Take some time to rest in the fact that God loves you. That simple fact should bring a smile to our faces. He delights in us. I find it hard to believe sometimes when I fail at something I have prayed about time and time again and still struggle. We are His treasured possession. Another translation of this verse says "peculiar treasures," which accurately sums it up for me. We are peculiar, but we belong to God when we give our lives to Him.

If you have questions about how to belong to God and have a relationship with Him, please check out the How To tab on this website's homepage. It explains in simple terms how to know Christ and accept Jesus as Lord. If you have never experienced His love, know it will change your life. Talk to you soon!



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