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I hear thunder rolling in and some gray clouds creeping up on our house. I am excited because I love a good thunderstorm! I know many people only go for sunshine but there's something interesting and fun about an afternoon rain. It also makes blogging easier because I can't be outside anyway! It also makes me do chores I don't want to the closet full of shirts and pants I really need to iron...

So what are you doing with your time today? School is out or about to be out for most students and warm weather sure has hit the coast! With counseling, two little girls, church stuff, and workouts at the fitness center, I really have to prioritize my time, which leads me to the topic I've been thinking about today. Time. Most people I know have talked about how busy they are at least once in the past 24 hours. My husband and I were talking the other day and remembered the saying that when people say they are busy, we all get 24 hours in a day, so it's what we do with it that counts.

Pay careful attention, then, to how you walk - not as unwise people but as wise - making the most of the time, because the days are evil. So don't be foolish, but understand what the Lord's will is.

- Ephesians 5:15-16

What are we doing with our time? Who do we spend it with? Once it is gone, we cannot get it back. Are we making the most of our time? Our time is not exactly neutral, as it can be used for bad if not used for good. After studying on servanthood the past few weeks, I have realized how I can be selfish with my time because I feel like I have so many things to get done. This verse tells us we need to understand what the Lord's will is. The verses in Ephesians 5 describe the world's lifestyle in comparison to how God wants us as Christians to live. How does God want us to live? This week, I have challenged the juniors and seniors in my small group at church to do one thing to be a servant at school this week. I am not in school anymore (yay!), so I have taken the challenge myself. Me and my girls have delivered cookies and Starbucks drinks to people this week "just because" and to show Jesus's love. As an incredibly time-conscious person, I found myself looking at the clock with thoughts of laundry and other tasks I have to accomplish, but being able to make someone smile in the Name of Jesus made me forget all about that. Did I also mention I was not as stressed out about all that stuff I had to do? Giving of time for people must be a stress reliever, so hey, look, another benefit!

I am a creature of habit I suppose, so we get to know the workers at the stores and restaurants we frequent, and sometimes on a personal level. I had the opportunity to let a lady today know we would be praying for her sick family member and her travel to visit him. To share Jesus's love with people like this doesn't require a loud, outgoing personality. Most people in stores or restaurants will open up with kind attitudes and friendly faces. Most people also enjoy being asked about themselves! Who doesn't like to talk about themselves, I mean, really? :) Where can you give your time this week? It doesn't have to begin with blocking off an entire day to serve at a homeless shelter, although that's a super great idea. You can use your time wisely in your daily routine. You have a unique realm of influence nobody else has. Your work. Your school. Your friends. Your family. Your restaurants. Your stores. Your schedule. Let's understand what the Lord's will is and live a lifestyle He is proud of. Let's learn to use our time for Him. What we do for Him is all that matters at the end of life!

Praying for you all today!



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