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pool, sunglasses, sunshine...

Hello! How is your Wednesday going? After about a week of monsoon-like rainy conditions, we have some sunshine today, for which I am grateful! I'm also hoping it will help my allergies as I get rid of this sinus infection. We're still not quite used to the climate here and living so close to the water, and these allergies are heinous! :)

Summer is coming and maybe you will be able to enjoy some time poolside, which for me, means reading! I've always been a reader but sadly, lately have not made time for my old friends. I remember going to story time day at the library as an elementary school student and checking out the maximum number of books (twelve to be exact - as wide as my short arms would stretch) and still finishing before the next week! I loved going to the library so much, I thought I might want to work in a library one day (giggle)!

There have been many that have helped shape my worldview and have changed my heart and I would like to share them with you. Maybe we'll be able to get in some quality time with books together soon?! I wanted to share something today that would be light and fun and hopefully give your mood a little boost! Happy reading!

I began reading the Christy Miller series by Robin Jones Gunn when I was twelve and have loved them ever since! The struggles she faces are those common to most teenage girls and the Scriptures from these books I highlighted in my Bible and remember them even today! They definitely strengthened my relationship with God, even as a middle school student.

This series follows a girl named Christy Miller, obviously, who vacations at a beach in California and meets friends who will change her life forever. She moves, meets new friends, works different jobs, meets boys, goes to college, and even gets married. These books show Christy learn to depend on Christ and follow Him as He guides her life.

Ironically, I knew I would be blogging about this series and I just saw in a bookstore today that she has also written more books taking place during Christy and Todd's married years! These books have grown with me through the stages of my life, as I am now married! I know they will be a blessing to you too!

Another fiction book that has had an impact on my spiritual life is Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. Set in 1850 in America's gold country of California, a girl named Angel, who has been sold into prostitution, is a survivor with a negative view of men. She learns her healing must come from God, Who loves her more than any earthly man could. A retelling of the book of Hosea from the Bible, it shaped my heart and helped me see God's love in a new way.

Happy reading! Enjoy the rest of your day! God bless!



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