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So it's been a while, friend! What have YOU been up to? I had not planned on taking a break from blogging but surprises come along anyway, right?

One activity that I do in a day that I do for myself to make myself feel good is working out. I take some classes at our local gym. I feel so good when I do, so it is just a part of our schedule to pack up and head over in the mornings. On Thursday a few weeks ago, much to my horror, a lunge sent me to the ground. Feeling mostly embarrassed while all the other ladies are still lifting their dumbbells, I tried to cover my red face. Thinking the worst, that I had torn a ligament in my knee (again), I finished the class with core work on the mat. (Did I mention I have had three ACL surgeries due to cheerleading and track back in the day?) I am quite used to falling from my bad knees, but began to realize my knee did not hurt but my ankle did. After class, I still could not put weight on my leg, so I hobbled out feeling quite pansy-like. Who hurts themselves working out, really? After a trip to the imaging center and an orthopedist, needless to say, I have not been back to the gym in a few weeks...

Tears never came until, sitting on the exam table speaking to the orthopedist, he gave me three strikes as follows: 1) I have to have surgery to put a plate in 2) No trip to visit my family in Nashville despite the fact we had this specific week planned for months and 3) No walking for six to 12 weeks. I cried. Yes, I cried. Not the polite adult cry, but the sobbing toddler kind where people can actually hear. "I don't have time for this" was my first thought, along with "I can walk this off," followed by "I have a seven month old at home and no family around, so how will I possibly function?"

Feeling quite sorry for myself, my tears quickly dried up when, still waiting on that exam table, my husband mentioned he saw on facebook that one person I know was just diagnosed with MS and another diagnosed with ALS. I felt like I had snapped out of a fog and realized how thankful I can be for what is NOT happening to me.

Have you ever stopped to wonder what God has protected you from that you do not even know about? Every so often, I will thank God for all he has kept me from or dangers that I have narrowly escaped that I do not know about. I do not give the idea that life is perfect for me because it most definitely is not, but I DO know that no matter how discouraged I may be, there are diseases I do not have, situations I am not in, and ways I have not been hurt.

Though my parents and sister are moving 14 hours away this week and I did not get to visit Nashville, they were all able to come here instead. My two sisters and I wanted to visit the local Goodwill, enjoy coffee at the local coffeeshop, attend a concert at their church, pop in to our favorite pet store, and walk around the neighborhood one last time. Though these did not happen, we did enjoy time here. Parents of students at the church also gave their time, a rare occurrence these days, to spend time helping me with the 1 1/2 year old and the now eight month old. It is difficult to take care of them while crutching around the path of obstacles in our house!

Am I still a bit annoyed about crutching around? Yes, I say, as the kitchen is a wreck, I need a babysitter daily, and I have no control of much that goes on in my house. I also cannot drive! But, thank You God for all that is NOT wrong in life! Thank You God for all that is NOT happening!

It is good to converse again, friend! May you have a blessed day. We'll talk again soon, k?

"...let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe..." Hebrews 12:28



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