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Staying under the covers is not an option!

"Woa! Thats not really what I had in mind, God...I'm good the way things are..."

Ever said this to Him? Often when I ask Him for direction and pray for guidance, I already kinda have in mind what I want, where I want to go, and how I want it done. I like my routine, so when change happens, I am usually a bit apprehensive.

Lately, I have been asking God if there is something else I (meaning my family) need to say "yes" to. Sometimes God uses poor circumstances to bring us to this point too, I am currently learning. God is also using some painful situations to bring us to looking at what else He may have in mind. I feel comfortable with life as I know it right now. There are things I would change or add, but it feels comfortable because I know it. Maybe I need to make a change so we can see even greater plans God has. Maybe I would not even have begun to ask Him the question if He had not brought me to my knees.

One thing I do know is that I would rather be where He wants me to be instead of taking the easy way, even when the latter would be more comfy. I saw this when I was choosing a college to attend. I had the opportunitiy to room with a friend from high school and cheer at one college BUT at the other college I could cheer at, I would go alone, without knowing anyone. As a seventeen year old, after weighing the options, decided to go to the school where I would not know anyone. It was one of the first times I can remember listening to God's direction in my life.

During seminary graduation season, as my husband and I prepared to graduate together, the graduates discussed plans for jobs after completing school. Some were open to jobs anywhere, while some limited searching to jobs back home. Now, let me say, there is nothing wrong with being able to work close to family because, hey, I would too, if that were God's plan, but it is important to stay open to God's leadership. I do not want good from God, I want God's best! I want to be willing to go where He leads, even if it means being brave and trying new things. I want to experience all He has planned. If we are not willing to follow all the way, life may be alright but we may miss out on fantastic plans He has! I believe that Brett and I have seen God do great things because we have been willing to move away from family and go to some scary places. It has not all been fun, though. In fact, we have been through crazy painful situations, including living in a creepy house, meeting unsavory characters, being fired, and living 11 hours from the closest relatives, among others.

Sometimes I feel like curling up under the bed covers and closing my eyes because I get stressed out! Since I have two baby girls who have to eat breakfast, staying under the covers is not an option. Ha! I have found comfort since I have been reading in Nehemiah as part of my morning quiet time lately.

Nehemiah was heartbroken by the state of Jerusalem and responded by asking God to work in the situation. Even today, God uses our brokenness to accomplish His plan. "I sat down and wept. I mourned..." (Nehemiah 1:4). God is willing to use those who humbly seek His leadership. I noticed that Nehemiah also "prayed to the God of heaven" (Nehemiah 2:4). How can I know what He wants me to do if I don't ask Him? I need to humbly ask Him for what I need. Read Nehemiah's 13 chapter story in its entirety!

Are you trying to figure some stuff out in your life? Stay humble. Trust God. Ask God. Follow Him. Be confident He will lead you - staying under your covers is not an option. Let me know if you have had to trust God during changes in your life. I would love to be encouraged by your story!



P.S. In case you are wondering, I absolutely loved the college I chose!

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