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How to Stay Motivated in 2015

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I hope y'all enjoyed a Monday off this week! Did you do anything fun? I must say I am so happy to be home after this holiday weekend! Our 11 hour journey from a student conference in Gatlinburg, Tenn. to the Miss. coast ended up taking 15 hours after our church bus broke down on the side of the highway somewhere in Ala.! My husband and I took our students to a conference and were actually two hours ahead of schedule Monday afternoon and were planning on arriving a little after supper. When it was all said and done, we finally hit the pillow at 2 a.m. Tuesday morning! Whew! We made it! Did I mention that being stranded on the side of the road is one of my biggest fears??? Fortunately, we were blessed to have a local fire chief stop and wait with us for a tow truck and shuttle. God definitely took care of us. Enough about that craziness though, back to the topic!

So here it is, almost the end of January. How many of us have made some resolutions that have nearly fizzled or did not even begin? Sure, it's easy to start, as we say down in the south, "rarin' to go," and soon feel it's too hard. Maybe we "overdid" our goals. We have all been here, so I want to list some practical ways to keep going in whatever goals you have set (or want to set - it's never too late). The following are some practical ideas I have learned:

1. Clearly outline the goals.

Get your thoughts out on paper or tablet or whatever you have! They are more real when they are in writing. Is anyone interested in some printables for personal goals? If so, I will be happy to link some goal sheets that are colorful and easy to fill out.

Example: Write some goals on a fun sheet of paper and post it to your bedroom mirror or closet wall where you will see them often.

2. Create challenging, yet attainable goals.

Make sure that you challenge yourself - they should not be different from what you are currently doing but at the same time, they should be workable. If they seem too out of reach when you set them, the likelihood of you actually starting them, much less doing them consistently is not good. Make them challenging enough that you are excited about them!

Example: If you have never had a regular workout schedule, then setting a goal to workout seven days each week is probably a little too much. Instead, since doctors recommend three to five days a week of exercise, try going for three days a week at first. Then later if you feel you could add another day, you can. Successes like this create even more motivation to keep it up!

3. Create a block of time in your schedule.

If there is a task you want to accomplish, put it in your phone calendar, the kitchen board, or wherever you keep your schedule. You are more likely to get it done if you actually block out time for it instead of letting it just kind of "happen" if you have time.

Example: If your goal is to vacuum the house once a week, set a certain time on a certain day aside for it. If your Fridays are really busy, those probably are not the best days to try to do it. If you have a little free time Thursday afternoon most weeks, that may be a better time because you know that time is available.

4. Want it.

So we have to make sure that we help our brains help our bodies to get it done! It seems simple, but we have to want it to be able to do it!

5. Create a visual.

Seeing what we want serves as a good reminder of what we are working toward! Cut out pictures from magazines or the internet to post on a bulletin board, refrigerator, or bedroom mirror relating to your goal. Most of us have pinterest, which is a great place to create a board and collect pictures of your specific goal.

Example: If your goal is to redecorate your bedroom, cut pictures out of the color scheme, wall art, and pillows you would like to include. You then have an idea of exactly what you are saving for. This also helps avoid wasting money on stuff you end up not liking.

6. Make it fun.

If it is not enjoyable, it is less likely to happen. It just is. So, whatever your goal is, make it colorful, pretty, or find a friend to participate.

Example: If your goal is to work out three days a week, getting some comfy and cute workout clothes will make it more fun and you will be more motivated to go. There are also ways to make goals fun without spending anything. For working out, find a new cute hairstyle that makes you feel confident and keeps your hair out of the way. You know best what inspires you, so find creative ways to help you get up and GO!

I hope these tips have been helpful and will encourage you to stay motivated this year. Enjoy getting yourself set to go for 2015! If you have other thoughts to include on how you stay motivated, I would love to hear about them! Have a wonderful Wednesday, friends!




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