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It's a new year!

Hi there!

I'm super excited that my two little ones are asleep at the same time so I have a chance to sit all alone! This does not happen every day. I'm at the kitchen computer listening to the laundry spin in the dryer and smelling one of my favorite candles, winter candy apple.

It's actually a bit chilly here on the Mississippi coast. I guess the locals would consider it pretty cold but I find it pleasant! The perfect weather for curling up under an afghan and drinking tea or even staying at home and taking a moment to organize something.

Speaking of organizing, many people consider becoming more organized their New Year's Resolution. I love to organize like everyone else, so I too have my list on the fridge, waiting to be crossed off one chore at a time. What are your vows to do differently or better this year?

I've been thinking about mine for 2015. I definitely want to keep going to the gym. Not even for what I can lose but by what I can gain. The feeling of staying in shape and being healthy. Feeling more energetic and mentally feeling better as well. I enjoy zumba class and am really liking a core class I have just started. I am a sweating fool when I am through but it sure feels good! I realize that time for this is not just going to come to me. I have to make the effort. I put it on my calendar. My alarm goes off in the morning with a workout message so I can realize my goal and stay motivated. I have made it so much a part of my schedule that it would be difficult to skip it! It is just what we do! The girls and I get up, get dressed, eat breakfast, and head to the gym for a bit!

I also want to be bold and make a difference where I am. In this case, in 2015, I happen to live in south Mississippi. I want to do what God has called me to do without any hesitation or fear. I want to speak the truth in love as Ephesians 4:15 states. Sometimes I tend to shy away from conflict or confrontation because I do not want to break out of being comfortable. It's sometimes easier to avoid it. Often times, to make situations better, though, the truth, out of LOVE, needs to be spoken. I think this is also the counselor in me talking as well! I have seen this issue with many clients! Maybe we all struggle with a bit of this...

What are some of your desires for this wonderful new year you are blessed with? I'd love to hear your goals! I suppose I am going to get back to some laundry, pet the kitties, maybe even play with my camera a little bit, and savor the quiet until they wake up...Shhhh... Enjoy this wonderful Wednesday, wherever you are, whatever you may be doing. Talk to you soon!

Much love,


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