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I want to serve the needs of those in the community and offer counseling for male and female children, male and female adolescents, and female adults with various needs. Counseling is based on Christian principles while using proven methods of professional counseling. I am committed to providing quality care and demonstrating the life-changing power of Christ. I believe every individual is unique, so the approach used with client concerns and needs will be based on information provided regarding his or her emotional, mental, physical, social, spiritual, economic, and career characteristics.


Charis is a Licensed Professional Counselor and graduate of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. She has experience in grief, anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues, relationship issues, stress, family issues, career development, life-skills development, parenting skills development, peer relations, anger management, and crisis pregnancy situations.


Great news! I have a new partnership with Christ Chapel in Spring Hill for local clients in the Middle Tennessee area. To find out more information or to schedule a counseling session, click the link below.







Counseling FAQs

What Can I Expect at My First Counseling Session:


Many myths are established from movies and tv shows about counseling and some people picture a person lying on a couch. This fear is understandable, as many people have negative beliefs regarding counseling. I hope to alleviate any stress by letting you know what to expect at a first individual counseling session. It is perfectly normal to feel a bit nervous before counseling, but our staff’s goal is to make the experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.


You will fill out paperwork, a standard office procedure, which includes a consent form to enter into counseling and answer some questions about yourself. Office policies, fees, and procedures are shared as well.


I will greet you in the lobby and walk you to the office. You are free to choose where you would like to sit in the office as we talk and any questions you think of during the session may be asked at any time. You will be able to talk freely about what brings you into counseling.


I will gain more insight into your history, support system, family, other important relationships, and what goals you have for counseling. We probably will not finish your entire background of experiences in this first session but we will begin to work through it.


At the end of our time, I will summarize what we have discussed, you may ask any last questions you may have, and if this is a good fit, we will reschedule another session.

My goal is to listen well, practice accurate, empathic understanding and develop a positive therapeutic relationship.


Realistic expectations are important, since counseling is a process, not simply a quick fix. Through a trusting counselor-client relationship and some good work, counseling can serve as a helpful tool toward resolving problems and achieving personal goals.



What Can I Expect From My Counselor?

Our goal is to make your counseling experience a positive, comfortable one. You can be assured that I will

  • Listen and take your concerns seriously.

  • Help you remove barriers to achieve your personal goals.

  • Ask questions form a different perspective to allow you to think about things in a way you may not have before.

  • Maintain the highest ethical and legal standards of counseling practice.

  • Answer your questions directly and honestly.

  • Expect some work from you from time to time to make the most our of your counseling experience.



How Can I Get the Most Out of Counseling?

  • Attend your sessions regularly and take an active part in them.

  • Be prepared with questions ahead of time or areas you would like help with.

  • Be as open and honest as you can.

  • Ask questions if counseling is new to you to raise your comfort level.

  • Be open to try new or different approaches to dealing with your concerns.

  • Apply what you have learned in your sessions to your daily life.








If you wonder if you may need to talk to someone, below are some resources that may help you decide.

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